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Core Values


Culture Statement (Core Values)

North Collin County Habitat for Humanity – Culture Statement


  • We work together within a team environment of mutual respect, honesty and integrity to provide the opportunity to share creative solutions to diverse problems.
  • We are a group of dedicated people who believe in the organization, its mission and the value of each individual.
  • We encourage healthy debate, knowing that everyone should be heard and acknowledged.


  • The organization has a deeply rooted belief in Jesus Christ which influences what we do, say and think.
  • We do not discriminate based on Faith.
  • We openly communicate faith in our interactions with each other.

Making a Difference

  • An Organization that has passion and a strong belief in its mission to serve in our local and global communities by providing affordable housing solutions.
  • We strive to positively change lives.


  • We accept that we are responsible for our own actions and the outcomes those actions produce.
  • An affiliate where all staff, partners, volunteers and homeowners are treated respectfully, fairly and compassionately while still maintaining focus on its core mission.
  • As professionals we act with integrity, making decisions based on honesty and accountability.
  • We will present ourselves professionally, knowing that we are the face of Habitat to others.