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Does NCC Habitat give homes away?

No. NCC Habitat provides qualifying families the opportunity to purchase affordable homes.

What size are NCC Habitat homes?

Homes are 3 bedrooms/2 baths, 4 bedrooms/2 baths, or 5 bedroom/2 baths.  They range from 1000 to 1350 square feet.

What is the interest rate on a home?

Homeowners pay a zero equivalent interest on their mortgages.

Is a Habitat home energy-efficient?

Yes.  Our homes are Energy Star homes and are built to withstand 130 mph sustained winds.

How does NCC Habitat pay for construction costs?

NCC Habitat relies on the support of sponsors, donors, and volunteers to help build homes, saving the homebuyer an average of $40,000 in labor and materials.

Who are the house sponsors?

Corporations, faith-based organizations, foundations, and individuals partner to sponsor homes financially and provide volunteers.

How often does NCC Habitat build homes?

We build 5 to 10 homes annually, including our annual build in Puerto Lempira, Honduras.

How many homes has NCC Habitat built?

Since 1992, NCC Habitat has built more than 98 homes in the cities of Anna, Celina, Blueridge, Farmersville, Frisco, McKinney, Melissa, Princeton, Prosper, Westminster, and Weston.  We expect to build our 100th Home in Celina in 2015.

Can anyone become an NCC Habitat homeowner?

NCC Habitat homes are for first-time homebuyers who meet specific income qualifications and have a need for housing.

What is expected of a homebuyer once approved?

Homebuyers are expected to invest between 300 to 500 sweat equity hours in building his/her home and volunteering for others.

How much is a mortgage payment?

Monthly mortgage payments typically average less than $550 and include escrow for taxes and insurance.

Does NCC Habitat renovate existing homes?

NCC Habitat has A Brush With Kindness Program through which we help with exterior renovations of homes in our communities.  Homeowners must meet specific income guidelines and be able to pay a manageable amount for the renovation work.

Is the ReStore only open for NCC Habitat homeowners?

No. The ReStore is open to the public Tuesday – Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

How can I apply for a home built by Habitat for Humanity?

Interested applicants must attend a Family Seminar.  These are scheduled throughout the year.  Applicants must meet certain qualifications and the application process is lengthy (between 3 and 12 months.) All information is kept confidential. Please see Application Process (link) for detailed information about the process.

Other FAQ

How often does the ReStore receive new items?

The ReStore constantly receives items from various sources. Retailers, contractors and individuals donate items. These items are both new (closeouts, store returns, and so on) and previously owned (remodeling projects, gently used, and so on.) The ReStore also purchases some items in bulk, such as cabinet/flooring materials. Some of these items are used to build the new NCC Habitat houses. Purchasing items in bulk helps to lower the cost of the houses and it also allows the public to buy items at reduced prices.

Submit an email address to receive the ReStore Newsletter and to find out about new items. Or volunteer at the ReStore and see items as they arrive.

How do I remove myself from your mailing list?

Contact us to have it removed. You may send the request in writing to our mailing address. Or you may call our office at 972-542-5300.