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Volunteer FAQ

Can my child volunteer with me?

Volunteering is a great experience for all ages. Please see the Volunteer Opportunities page to see the age restrictions, including orientation requirements.

Will it cost me anything to volunteer?

No. There is no cost to you when you become a volunteer. Your only investment is the gift of time.

I do not know how to build houses. Do you have any volunteer work for me?

Yes! It takes many roles to complete homes and keep NCC Habitat running smoothly. Our volunteers help with a variety of tasks at job sites, as well as in the ReStore. For more information, attend a volunteer orientation or contact our Volunteer Coordinator at

What hours do volunteers work?

The volunteer hours vary by assigned task. The schedule for building homes is usually on Saturday (8 AM – 4 PM), but sometimes it includes weekdays. The schedule for assisting at the ReStore varies too. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator for more information.

Will volunteering for NCC Habitat meet my community service requirements?

It is possible that you could volunteer for us and meet the requirements sentenced by court and or school/scouts. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator.